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CrossFit Skirmish Youth Academy

The CrossFit Youth Academy is suitable for boys and girls and uniquely creates a community of young people who support and drive each other to be faster, stronger and fitter.   CrossFit is also innately cool so will appeal to even those who say they are allergic to exercise.


The CrossFit Youth Academy runs on Friday afternoons & Sundays and has classes for the following age groups:

CF Juniors – 6-12 yrs (Fridays @ 4.30pm, Sundays 11am)

CF Youth – 13-15 yrs (Fridays @ 2.15pm, Sundays 9am)

CF Seniors – 16-17 yrs. (Fridays @ 3.15pm)

Click here to see the SCHEDULE.   Classes are £5 for a pack of 10 (packs valid for 6 months).  To book a FREE TASTER simply email  To book classes simply buy a CLASS PACK and go to the schedule to book your kids in.

Check out these videos to get an idea of what CrossFit is all about:

Teenage CrossFit Girls – inspirational

Teenage CrossFit Games – 14 -17 yrs


CrossFit Youth Academy gets your kids fit

At CrossFit Skirmish, we are serious about our children’s fitness.  We understand the challenges that parents face in getting their kids active and how difficult it can be to help them to develop fitness habits for life.  Given that 20% of children (10-11yrs) in the UK are now obese, many leaving school with diabetes, we need a new activity options for young people.

This is why we have launched Scotland’s first CrossFit Youth Academy, a Strength & Conditioning Academy that teaches the fundamentals of fitness, is progressive and in line with their physical development with sessions for ages 6-12yrs, 13-17 yrs.  

CrossFit is a sport in it’s own right, but is also an incredible fitness training programme which includes cardio, plyo, resistance, gymnastics and olympic lifting (15-17yrs) for explosive power. 

All the exercises are scaled to both their age and physical development, with a progressive programme that takes them through each stage helping them to develop the fitness elements required for life. 

Our team know what they are doing

In addition to CrossFit Strength & Conditioning qualifications, the coaches include a Kiwi semi-pro rugby player & strength & conditioning coach (Jesse Balemi), an ex MMA & Blackbelt Judo and Olympic weight lifting coach (Sasha Voronov) and CrossFit Kids & Olympic lifting specialist (Angela Miller).

This team really know what they are doing, with the know-how to deliver the training you/your kids need get seriously fit for life.

Kids’ Performance Training

CrossFit training is also great if you have young people who are serious about any sport as it is the perfect strength and conditioning programme.  This is why we have also developed a ‘Performance’ programme which is specifically for 15-17 year olds to make any young person serious about their sport, faster and stronger than their peers. 

The Skirmish team have been working with Scott Habib for the last couple of years, helping him improve his overall fitness and strength, setting him up for his spot in Scotland’s under 16s Team:

“I got into CrossFit S&C a couple of years ago after watching a training video of the All Blacks’ Ben and Owen Franks – they described CrossFit S&C as their competitive edge.  I thought if it made the difference for them, why not try it?   

When I started working with Sasha & the team at CrossFit Skirmish my overall fitness levels were poor, I also had limited power which was holding me back in my rubgy. 

They put me on a tough programme which included incredible conditioning work from box jumps to pistols and some really tough HIIT training techniques.  Uniquely, I was also taught Olympic weight lifting and mobility techniques so that I could hold my own on the front row.  

I believe working with CrossFit Skirmish made the difference for me, getting me into the Scotland squad.  It has also meant that although only 15 I am now training with seniors – I am now so much physically stronger and fitter than other guys my age.  Interestingly, the training at the SRU is now really similar to the programme I was on at Skirmish!

If you are serious about rugby or any other sport, start training at Skirmish.”

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Our Tasters are fun, designed to give you a flavour for just how good CrossFit and CrossFit Skirmish is –
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