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If you are new to CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting, we book you into a class as a taster to see how much fun they are.


Skirmish Tasters

We understand everyone likes to ‘try before they buy’ which is why if you haven’t tried CrossFit or Olympic Weight Lifting before, you can try a class (WOD) as a FREE TASTER. 

We book you into a CrossFit Lite or Beginner’s Olympic Weight Lifting Class as a taster – these classes are ideal for beginners as they are less ‘technical’ than mainstream classes and allow you to check out the coaches, meet the community plus get a flavour as to the type of training we do.    Please complete the form below and we will be in touch to book you in. 

Important note

Whilst everyone likes something for free, please check out our regular class times and that we have a membership that suits your budget BEFORE you book your taster.  That way, if you love the taster you know you will be able to join us.

Tasters are only for people who are new to CrossFit and/or Olympic Weight Lifting. If you are an experienced CrossFitter and just visiting please buy a Travelling CrossFitter WOD and book in

Memberships start at £65 per month which include all coaching, classes and Energy Gym membership). Click here to see all memberships.

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