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Injured Triathlete walking tall thanks to CrossFit Skirmish

By 6 May 2015January 4th, 2024No Comments

Although CrossFit Skirmish only opened mid-January, our members are seeing amazing results already.  Jim McGoldrick thought his fitness lifestyle was over when he had to have a major operation last year.  Thanks to some incredible hard work and amazing coaching from our team (Sasha, Tobi and Craig), Jim is smashing personal bests and is loving his new family at CrossFit Skirmish.  Jim – we couldn’t be prouder of you!

Jim McGoldrick - tri-athlete walks tall thanks to CrossFit


At Energy Gym & CrossFit Skirmish we focus on our people.   Today we chat to Jim McGoldrick who joined CrossFit Skirmish at the end of January 2015.

Jim, why did you try CrossFit Skirmish?

Where to start?  All my life I’ve been active in sports, when I could no longer kick a ball I took up triathlon and loved it, for 12yrs.  I’m a keen mountain biker too, have done The Strathpuffer 24hr.  I even swam across The Forth last year, so I guess I’m sporty.  2014 was a very bad year for me.  I broke the head-of-femur clean off my right thigh and the resultant hip replacement meant I had to bin triathlon completely.   I was gutted and thought that my fitness lifestyle was over. I needed a new sporting adventure so I joined Energy Gym after moving to the area noting that they had a CrossFit Box – CrossFit Skirmish.  I had no great expectations, given that I was a 49yr old endurance athlete, have an artificial hip and no power or strength worth talking about.”

How has training being going? 

“I can honestly say that I’ve never seen results so quick or felt this much improvement in any programme I’ve done before.  I can’t believe how CrossFit Skirmish has changed my life.    

It really is an incredible programme with brilliant coaching.  Progress is swift because each activity is broken down and explained carefully.  Exercises are scaled to suit each person, which I think is key.  I started doing weights with broom handles and un-weighted empty bars. Anyone can do that! It’s fun!  Now I do have weights on the bars, the weights are even getting fatter and I am learning Olympic Weight lifting.   I am hitting PBs that I didn’t think achievable.  Given where I started in January I am gobsmacked at now being able to do box jumps and muscle up drills too.”

What do you love about CrossFit Skirmish?

“All of it!   The coaches are hugely inclusive, working with you on a personal basis to get the best out of you.  However, I guess being part of CrossFit Skirmish is bigger than the WODs.  There is always a good dose of banter, where no-one is left out and the atmosphere is fun – it is a cool place to be.  

It sounds clichéd, but it is the people that make it great.  Everyone is really motivational – coaches, reception staff, general gym users and of course my CrossFit friends.  It really is a ‘Cheers’’ gym, where everyone knows your name and is glad you came (I know, cheesy but true).  

The best bit though?   I was walking with a stupid, embarrassing and annoying limp at Christmas and CrossFit has killed it!  My core is unbelievably better and I walk normally now.   Result!  I can’t believe I thought my fitness career was over.  I’m just glad I found this place as I now can’t get enough – I’m lovin it!

Let the journey continue J