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Firstly – as always we wish you and your families only the best and hope that you are staying safe.

Whilst we are disappointed that we can’t get going with small group training (yet), we appreciate the Scottish Government’s stance on phasing our return to ‘normal’  slowly and in a controlled manner.  Indeed their stance means that COVID within the community is now at an all time low.

Although we can’t start group training, the good news is we can start to take you for 1-2-1 and FAMILY outdoor training on our Private Terrace* – click on this link to checkout where you will be training!

There are many benefits to training with us in our new Private Training area:

  • We can customise your sessions – whether you are a beginner wanting to cover basic moves, work on technique or simply need a beasting, we can put it together for you. Coaches can also put together a training programme for you based on your objecives.
  • If you want FAMILY sessions ie. a session for 2-4 people please just email us and we will set this up (we can only conduct one FAMILYsession per day).
  • We have access to all kit required.
  • The area is private and partially screened off – ie. you are not in a public park where you could be disturbed by other members of the public during your session.   
  • You will have access to toilets.
  • We take your safety seriously and want to ensure that we create the safest environment possible.  All of the kit you use will be disinfected and set up for you prior to arrival.  You will also be temperature checked and asked to complete a statement to confirm you have not been in contact with Covid-19.   We will ask you to use hand sanitiser before and during each session.  Gloves and bleach spray will also be provided for you to spray the equipment before and after use.  
  • Our coaches will go through the same procedure as you before the set up of each session.  They will practice social distancing of 2m with all members and can wear either a shield or mask based on your preference during the session.

You can book a 1-2-1 session using this link.

If you want a FAMILY session, just email Siobhan at

We are hoping that we will be able to start training in August with a small group Outdoor Training Zone on the Terrace with zoned CrossFit PODs for social distancing and no shared kit.

Clearly we have been busy planning behind the scenes and have some great improvements at the Box and ideas for new training when we return.

In the meantime, we will hopefully see many of you on a 1-2-1 or in family session before then.

Stay safe and be strong.

Kind regards,

Sasha & Lenka

*We have two private outdoor areas – the Terrace or downstairs, outside the exit areas at the gym.  Clearly you can choose where you are most comfortable when booking.

NB – please note that for the purposes of the video the coaches were slightly closer than 2m.  This was possible as they are a social bubble.   Clearly when conducting 1-2-1 sessions, they will maintain 2m from members at all times.