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Welcome to CrossFit Skirmish

Welcome to 39 WODs per week
Membership includes CrossFit, Olympic Weight Lifting, Competition Training & Gym Membership. Facilities include Two Boxes, Gym, Outdoor Training Areas, Cafe & Unlimited Free Parking.


CrossFit Skirmish is incredible value

Memberships to suit most budgets from £80 per month.
Phenomenal value - Coaching, Programming & Gym included.
Get started with our On Ramp course - just three 121 sessions with a coach.


Outdoor Training &
Competition Coaching

We are based at a Sports Stadium so we train outdoors wherever possible. We also run specialised competition training programming and workshops for those who want to compete.
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CrossFit Skirmish is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise Company

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What is CrossFit

CrossFit is an incredible community approach to fitness, with members of all shapes and fitness capabilities benefiting from its effective progressive training in a small class environment.  CrossFit classes include exercises which include all elements of fitness: cardio (HIIT, rowing, running, jumping), strength work (olympic weight lifting, kettlebells, body weight movements), gymnastics skills (handstands, pull ups, muscle ups) and a lot of fun.  Whilst many people like to compete, all the workouts are scaled for your capabilities which is what makes it inclusive and fun with all sizes, fitness levels and ages able to participate and get fit.

At CrossFit Skirmish membership we offer over 37 WODs per week, which in addition to general workouts include specialist gymnastic and barbell classes.  We also run Family classes for members with teens and a weekly two hour Competition Training workshop for members who want to compete.  We also have private outdoor training areas too where  we work on running and other cardio progressions – indeed, wherever possible we get you outdoors to work on all aspects of fitness.

CrossFit is different every day, it is also progressive, so if you are new to CrossFit, we run BEGINNER/ON RAMP training to get you started fast.  These 121 coaching sessions to  allow you to nail the basic moves whilst improving your fitness.   The courses are 3 x 121 sessions, which we set up with you at a time to suit you (Monday to Fridays).  You can book your course here:

Why Join CrossFit Skirmish?

We are very different at CrossFit Skirmish – whilst we embrace the tough training heritage of traditional CrossFit gyms, we believe that everyone should get great coaching, good equipment and a workout that builds confidence and well-being.  Indeed, we are the best equipped independent CrossFit operation in Scotland.  We have  two ‘boxes’ including a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning suite with a bespoke Rig and weight lifting platforms, prowler track and gymnastics equipment.  We also have the full range of kit you would need to help you develop your skills including air bikes, assault bikes, GHDs and 20 ERGS (that’s rowing machines) and Ski Ergs.   You also get full use of Energy Gym, our in-house gym too.

Our coaches come as part of your membership with excellent tuition and programming built in – so unlike other gyms where you pay for membership and personal training – at CrossFit Skirmish, you get ALL COACHING in one monthly fee. 

Our Head Trainer Sasha Voronov is a ‘competitive’ CrossFitter  (ex MMA fighter and Judo coach too), who has ranked high in the CrossFit Open which is why he and his team know how to develop your skills. Most importantly, we have an amazing community of folks who will support you every step of the way in your fitness journey – join us. 

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Why CrossFit?

Choosing a CrossFit Gym is smart – because unlike other gyms or leisure centres, your CrossFit Skirmish Membership includes all the facilities, small group classes and fantastic coaching.   

  • Memberships are from £80 per month – so if you do only x3 workouts per week that works out at just £6.66 per class.  There is no need to pay for personal training on top of this as your programming and coaching is all included.
  • SMART Fitness Programming – progressive programming scaled for you
  • Coaching – top quality coaches
  • Learn new skills – from Gymnastics to Olympic Weight Lifting 
  • Community – get the support you need from our community to stick with it and develop
  • Energy Gym membership included
  • Class booking app

CrossFit Skirmish membership includes Energy Gym too!