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CrossFit Skirmish and Edinburgh Gossip Girls

Welcome to our Edinburgh Gossip Girls deal. We are delighted to be teaming up with Edinburgh Gossip Girls to provide you with a supportive community that will help you to get fit, learn new skills and make fitness part of who you are.

Join our Christmas CrossFit Countdown now.  

Yes, Christmas is on it’s way but don’t wait until New Year Resolutions, join now to offset the parties and festive excess.  This way you go into Christmas feeling fitter and stronger than ever before.   It also means that you are ahead for January, already training and ready to get focused for 2019.

CrossFit isn’t about getting skinny or setting yourself unrealistic expectations. CrossFit is about getting stronger and fitter, setting your own goals and being supported in your efforts, every step of the way. Our coaches make exercise fun and accessible, plus because you take part in small group classes you meet new, like-minded friends and learn new skills. 

Now is the time to invest in your own health and wellbeing so get booked into one of our tasters today.

The CrossFit Skirmish EGG offer is unique:

20% off quarterly membership – quarterly membership is usually £199,  EGG ladies get membership for just £159.20, saving £39.80.

15% off monthly membership – usually £75, reduced by £11.25 to just £63.75 per month.

3 Beginner Classes to choose from per week:   Wednesdays 8pm,  Thursdays 7pm, Saturdays at noon.   If you work from home or are a full time parent we also have 9.30am and 12.30pm weekday classes too.  Check out schedule here:   You can book into general classes whilst doing beginner classes as our coaches will scale the workout to suit your capabilities.  The only exception to this is Olympic weightlifting as we ask that you do 6 weeks of beginner weight lifting classes before you take part in mainstream Olympic weightlifting classes.

Energy Gym membership is included – gym, spin, kettlebells to choose from.

Free parking – we are part of Boroughmuir Rugby Club and based at Meggetland, where there is free, unlimited parking making it easy to make workouts.

We are a Social Enterprise – your memberships will support community ventures, including providing CrossFit strength and conditioning classes to ‘at risk’ young people in our community.

Try before you buy:

We can book you into a taster on Wednesday at 8pm or Saturday at noon.  If you enjoy it and want to join, we will set you up on our booking app and get you started.   To book into a taster call Siobhan on 07912 409951 or Callum on 0131 443 6526 or email

This offer is limited due to capacity so book into a taster and get your membership before they run out.  We will keep a waiting list and release spaces when available.  

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only one deal can be redeemed per person.
  • You will be asked to confirm your EGG membership number on first registration.
  • EGG memberships include use of Energy Gym including gym and classes (circuits, spin, kettlebells).
  • Quarterly Memberships – the EGG quarterly membership price will be upheld indefinitely if you decide to renew it within 7 days of the expiry date.
  • Monthly memberships – are paid by direct debit payments and are fixed for an initial 6 month period. After the initial 6 month period, monthly payments will automatically be collected unless the member advises of cancellation.  Please note that there is a one month cancellation period, which means that after you cancel there is always one final payment to make.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a mix of high intensity training using a mixture of body weight and other kit (burpees, squats, skipping, rowing, running, jumping), weight training and some gymnastic moves – perhaps you may even learn to do a handstand again!   We like to call CrossFit ‘super circuits’ as some moves will be familiar to you, however, others will be new and may take time to master.  The key is that you won’t get bored as workouts are constantly varied and will get you fitter day-by-day.  You can take part in any workout, irrespective of your size, shape or current fitness level.  This is because our coaches scale moves and exercises to you plus you are surrounded by really supportive folks who want you to succeed and don’t judge you. 

Sorry ladies, you won’t get muscle bound (unless you decide to workout 6 hours a day) but you will start to see physical changes relatively quickly, usually seeing weight loss and a new toned, leaner look.  Ok, so you will get sweaty, however, you will quickly begin to feel more positive, strong and more confident than ever before.  Check out this helpful article from Women’s Health or take a look at this video to hear from ladies who have done CrossFit for a few years and used it to radically change how they feel about themselves:  CrossFit – Beauty in Strength.  Most of our members simply use CrossFit to get fit and have a lot of fun!

Book Your Free Taster

Our Tasters are fun, designed to give you a flavour for just how good CrossFit and CrossFit Skirmish is –
so far, 95% of those who have tasted, have joined!

CrossFit Skirmish membership includes Energy Gym too!