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Book your free taster class

If you are new to CrossFit we run small taster classes to give you more information about CrossFit, run through some basic moves, do a workout, meet our great coaches and check out the Box & Gym.


Skirmish Tasters

We understand everyone likes to ‘try before they buy’ which is why if you haven’t tried CrossFit or Olympic Weight Lifting before, you can try a class (WOD) as a FREE TASTER. 

CrossFit is more involved than standard gym training. You learn new skills from handstands to Olympic weight lifting, making it a great fitness option as workouts are varied, you develop both physically and mentally and you never get bored.

However, if you are new to CrossFit, dropping you into a standard class without basic training can be daunting which is why we run small CrossFit taster/beginner’s sessions on Wednesday evenings at 8pm and on Saturdays at 11am.  We also run a Beginner Olympic Weight Lifting Class on Thursdays at 8pm too.   A taster gives you the chance to meet a coach, check out the Box, find out more about CrossFit and/or Olympic Weight Lifting and learn some basic moves.

If you would like to join us for a taster, simply fill in the form below or email us at


Before you book a taster, please check that you can make our regular class times and that we have a membership to suit your budget. That way, you know that if you love the taster, you can join!

Memberships start at £65 per month including all your coaching, performance app and gym too. Click here to view the schedule and all memberships.

Tasters are only for people who are new to CrossFit. If you are an experienced CrossFitter and just visiting, please buy a Travelling CrossFit WOD and book in.