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Our Club and Trainers

Olympic Weight Lifting is an incredible way to build strength, muscle and burn fat.  This is why it forms a critical part of CrossFit training and also why is it growing as a sport in it’s own right.  Our coaches are British Weight Lifting qualified and come with a raft of qualifications and experience to help you develop your skills safely.

The Skirmish Olympic Weightlifting Club comes as part of your overall CrossFit Membership, however, you can just join the Olympic Weight Lifting Club for just £65 per month which covers Olympic Lifting coaching, 3 Club sessions per week and Energy Gym membership.  This is phenomenal value as all coaching is included and you don’t need to CrossFit. 

Our Club includes beginner’s sessions where you can develop your basic skills safely in a supportive environment before you join the wider sessions.  Training also includes mobility and flexibility drills to improve range of movement and technique.

Our coaches love what they do – and so will you.

Not Just For Boys

We love our ladies who understand that strength training is critical for overall health as well as dramatically improving physique and well being. Don’t think you will bulk up ladies – you simply get ripped and have a lot of fun.

The Club is suitable for everyone from novice to experienced. We focus on great technique first before you are allowed to start lifting heavy.

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You don’t need to CrossFit


Our Club is open to anyone who wants to learn Olympic weightlifting – YOU DON’T NEED TO CROSSFIT!

It is suitable for complete beginners – we have small beginner’s classes, where we start with broomsticks to ensure you learn safe technique at your own pace.  Once we are happy with your basic technique, you will then be allowed to join mainstream classes.

We scale the programming in both beginner and mainstream Olympic classes so that all levels can participate and develop at your own pace. This is about your development as an individual with us there to support and to celebrate your personal bests.

The Skirmish Olympic Lifting Club is a great way to get strong, fit and lose weight.  It is also a great place to get the support you need to develop your skills and fitness long-term as the people are great.

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What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is an incredible, progressive fitness programme, which combines weight training, cardio, gymnastics, body weight training and mobility into fun, challenging workouts of the day (WODs). CrossFit is competitive, with each WOD containing a timed element where you challenge yourself to complete as many reps of a set of exercises as possible within a given time (high intensity training). CrossFit is unique because unlike most other training programmes, it incorporates all aspects of fitness. It is NOT specialist on purpose as it is designed to make you a strong all-round ‘fit’ person.   CrossFit is truly for everyone, with each WOD scaled for you by skilled trainers who spend most of the WOD teaching new skills and making sure that you are working at the right level for you.  

The key to great CrossFit is community. Our members have already described our Box as ‘personal training with friends’ – see our reviews on Facebook: This is due to the amazing coaching, plus encouragement from other members who will help you to reach your potential.   The positive motivation within WODs and attitude of your fellow ‘Skirmishers’ is what motivates you more than any other fitness programme.

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Our Tasters are fun, designed to give you a flavour for just how good CrossFit and CrossFit Skirmish is –
so far, 95% of those who have tasted, have joined!

CrossFit Skirmish membership includes Energy Gym too!