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Welcome to CrossFit Skirmish

Welcome to over 30 WODs per week, Olympic Weight Lifting, Open Box,
Energy Gym, Sports & Nutrition Shop, Showers, Café & Parking.


CrossFit Skirmish is incredible value

Memberships to suit most budgets - £45-£75 per month.
Phenomenal value - Coaching, Programming & Gym included.


CrossFit Skirmish trainers are
highly qualified

Top Quality Coaching - CrossFit, British Weight Lifting
& Sports Science Qualifications - highly experienced.


Skirmish Olympic Lifting

Skirmish Olympic Weight Lifting Club is just £45 per month -
no CrossFit, 4 sessions per week, Energy Gym membership.

How do I start?




What is CrossFit

At CrossFit Skirmish we have over 30 WODs (classes) per week, unlimited Open Box, and Energy Gym membership included. Our ‘Box’ is a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning suite with a bespoke Rig with inset weight lifting platforms. Membership includes our Skirmish Olympic Weight Lifting Club, Gymnastics coaching & Nutrition workshops outwith WODs.

Our Head Trainer Sasha Voronov is a ‘competitive’ CrossFitter, having ranked high in the CrossFit Games which is why he and his team know how to develop your skills. Most importantly, we have an amazing community of folks who will support you every step of the way in your fitness journey – join us.

If you are new to CrossFit, click here to book your FREE TASTER. CrossFit is an incredible community approach to fitness, with members of all shapes and fitness capabilities benefiting from its effective progressive training in a small class environment.


Why Join CrossFit Skirmish?

We offer the best CrossFit Facility in Edinburgh:

  • CrossFit studio with bespoke rig, inset platforms, ergs, airbikes, GHDs etc.
  • Hot showers, changing rooms, parking, BattleBox UK (sports & nutrition shop) and cafe.
  • Basic training included in membership
  • Top quality coaching and programming
  • Free Tasters

Why CrossFit?

Choosing a CrossFit Gym is smart – your CrossFit Skirmish  Membership includes:

  • SMART Fitness Programming – progressive programming scaled for you
  • Coaching – top quality coaches
  • Learn new skills – from handstands to Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Community – get the support you need from our community to stick with it and develop
  • Basic training included in membership (worth £80)
  • Energy Gym membership

Book Your Free Taster

Our Tasters are fun, designed to give you a flavour for just how good CrossFit and CrossFit Skirmish is –
so far, 95% of those who have tasted, have joined!

CrossFit Skirmish membership includes Energy Gym too!