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You get the works at CrossFit Skirmish

Amazing Facilities

We have two CrossFit ‘boxes’ which is our word for gym with all the kit and heavy metal you will ever need. In addition to expert programming and small group classes, we allow open box access when classes are not on so you can workout when it suits you. Membership also comes with open access to Energy Gym, our in-house commercial gym. We are based at Meggetland sports stadium so we love to take every opportunity to get you outside for workouts whenever possible. We also have a cafe, physio and unlimited parking too.

Beginner Training and over 30 WODs (classes) per week

Don’t worry, we have all you need to start from scratch, which is why we have dedicated beginner small group sessions that break down the basics.  We also have beginner classes to get you up and running with confidence.  We keep our classes small so you get the support you need. We also have gymnastics, mobility (yoga based) and barbell classes to develop and perfect some of the more challenging moves.

Expert Programming & Coaches

Our coaches don’t only do CrossFit – they have a broad range of skills from martial arts, to yoga, olympic weight-lifting and gymnastics.  Our coaches actively compete in CrossFit competitions so understand what it takes to go from good to great and give you all the help you need to reach your own goals.


CrossFit is a group activity – we all benefit from the support you get from both coaches and members.  Unlike standard gyms you make great friends with like-minded people.   You will find we are a sociable bunch and like to both work hard and play hard.  CrossFit is a lifestyle which is why you find you want to stick around, indeed, some of our members have been with us for over 10 years and are now considered ‘family’.

Taster & Beginners

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I’ve been a member of Skirmish for 7 years and wouldn’t ever consider any other gym!! It’s more than an incredible CrossFit box, with supremely knowledgeable coaches and top-notch equipment. It’s a community of friends and a warm and wonderful environment where everybody matters, regardless of skill level, age or anything else. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Susanna Guerner

I'd been a member of Energy Gym (attached to Skirmish) for over 12 years (working with different personal trainers), but finally decided to give CrossFit a try 18 months ago. Coach Sasha taught me the basics in 1:1 sessions before I joined the classes, and I was instantly addicted. I saw results within weeks and have achieved more in the last 18 months than I have the 10 years prior. The style of coaching and the incredibly friendly and supportive other members means I WANT to go and I WANT to work hard - the results are just a bonus. Big shout out to the 7:30am crew - the best group by far. 😜

Darren Taft
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