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Taster & Beginners

CrossFit is a complete fitness programme – it will make you stronger, faster, more flexible and fitter than you have ever been.   CrossFit is a mix of many fitness activities such as strength training, gymnastics, metcon (rowing, running, cycling), plyometrics and mobility/yoga.  You take part in small group classes with top coaches who are multi-disciplined to make sure you are supported every step of the way.   Our programming is constantly varied to help you to develop some new cool skills, ensure you don’t get bored and of course see results quickly – irrespective of your goals.  Every exercise comes with scaled options so it really is for everyone, irrespective of age, shape or experience.

CrossFit is more involved than standard gym training.  This is because in addition to getting fit, you also learn new skills and develop both physically and mentally.

This is why we have a fantastic Beginner Course and Beginner Classes so that you learn the basics and feel confident in general classes.

Book a TASTER class

This is a very simple beginner class that allows you to check out the coaches, box and other folks.   It is designed for people who have some basic gym experience.  If you enjoy the taster you can then book our BEGINNER COURSE or buy a MEMBERSHIP which includes BEGINNER CLASSES and up to three small group sessions too (see below).

Book a Taster


The beginner course costs £80 and includes 3 small group coached sessions to cover the basics plus two beginner classes.   The Beginner Course runs on Tuesdays at 7pm.    Our course is basic, designed for people with little or no gym experience only.  If you have some gym experience, why not skip the cost and simply dive in with a membership – this means you can attend Beginner Classes, small group sessions as well as general classes.  Don’t worry, our coaches meet you where you are and will be able to adapt any move for you.

Book a Beginner Course


Monthly, quarterly and annual memberships come with the BEGINNER COURSE (up to 3 small group sessions) and BEGINNER CLASSES INCLUDED FOR FREE.   This option is ideal if you have some gym/fitness experience as you can do both beginner classes and also start to come to general classes on a scaled basis.

Buy a Membership


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