24 January 2020

HERO WOD – 25 January 2020

HERO WOD “Private Martin Bell GM”

In Pairs For Time:

2km Row

100 Deadlifts @ Body

50 Thrusters (42.5/30kg)

1km Row

100 Overhead Touch Press Ups

50 Pull-ups

500m Row

100 Ab-Mat Sit-ups

100 Wallball (9/6kg)

Dear friends, family and CrossFit community,

We are reaching out again this year to invite as many of you as possible to join in with us in our annual Hero WOD.

On 25th January 2011, our friend and Box#1 member, Scott Meenagh, lost both his legs in an IED (improvised explosive device) blast whilst serving with the Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan.

As the Paratroopers were rescuing Scott, a further IED was detonated, which took the life of Private Martin Bell. Martin was carrying Scott and shielded him with his body, taking the impact of the blast and saving Scott from further injury and ultimately saved his life. He was posthumously awarded the George Medal for his selfless actions and sacrifice that day.

In honor of his friend, Scott designed a Hero WOD; seeing a continuously increasing amount of Crossfit communities and individuals across the world take part in this Hero WOD, paying their respects, is a really positive way of remembering Private Martin Bell GM.

We hope to get as many people involved in on every 25th January of each year.

This year, we are extremely pleased to announce, that Crossfit HQ has confirmed that an official Crossfit Hero WOD will be dedicated to Private Martin Bell GM! Although it is not yet included in the 193 recognized Hero Wods on their website, keep your eyes peeled to see it become official in the near future!

Here is a video of Scott, explaining his story and the importance of this WOD better than we ever could. We hope he inspires you all the way he inspires us on a daily basis.

Please please spread the word, grab a partner & get involved in the WOD to honor Private Martin Bell GM and all the men & women from our services who give so much.

Most Hero WODs are meant to be extremely grueling, arduous and mentally challenging. This WOD is no different; it was specifically designed to be completed in pairs, mimicking the incredible strength and support the Paratroopers displayed to each other on that day in 2011.

Please share and post videos and pictures on social media tagging @crossfitairdrie and hashtag #MartinBell

Rest in Peace Airborne


Clean and Jerk Warm-Up

Drills :



Main set :

6×6 Clean and Jerk


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